breezy, I feel dizzy

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Happy National Poetry Month from this first grader:
We did the soft wind.We danst slowly. We swrld aroned.We danst soft.We lisin to the mozik.We danst to the mozik.We made personal space.


She exuded sex appeal, and that’s the reason no one ever fell in love with her for more than one night. They plucked the flowers from between her legs and left her there to wither away. She smoked cigarettes to forget and drank vodka as if it would help her petals grow back.

Her hands were soft, but her heart had grown hard. There were scars on her fingertips from touching burning boys. Her hair was faded yellow, broken sunshine. She was dandelion beautiful, fragile and free.


- Flower petal girls | S.B. (via fallinlovewithapoet)


What good books do you curl up with when you are sick?


make me choose
taiey asked: martha or mickey

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